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La aviación esta llena de siglas y abreviaturas. Por ello las hemos recopilado de diferentes manuales para poder tenerlas siempre a mano en cualquier lugar. Si queréis añadir alguna o pensáis que alguna puede tener otro significado, háznoslo saber poniéndote en contacto con nosotros.


A 429 ARINC 429 Data Bus
A 629 ARINC 629 Data Bus
A 664 ARINC 664 100Mbits/sec Fast Switched Ethernet
AC Advisory Circular (FAA)
AAWWS Airborne Adverse Weather Weapons System (Apache)
AC Alternating Current
ACE Actuator Control Electronics
ACM Air Cycle Machine
ACMP AC Motor Pump
ACT Active Control Technology
ACT Auxiliary Center Tank (Airbus)
A/D Analogue to Digital
ADM Air Data Module
ADP Air Driven Pump
ADU Actuator Drive Unit
ADV Air Defence Variant (Tornado)
AFCS Automatic Flight Control System
AFDC Autopilot Flight Director Computer (B777)
AFTI Advanced Fighter Technology Integration (F-16)
AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics
Aj Jet Pipe Area
AMAD Airframe-Mounted Accessory Drive
AMB Active Magnetic Bearing
Amp or A Ampere
AoA Angle of Attack
APB Auxiliary Power Breaker
APU Auxiliary Power Unit
AFRP Aramid Fiber Reinforced Plastic
ARINC Air Radio Inc
ART Actuator Remote Terminal (B-2 flight control system)
ASCB Avionics Standard Communications Bus
ASI Airspeed Indicator
ASIC Application Specific Integrated-Circuit
ASM Air Separation Module
AS/PCU Air Supply/Pressurisation Control Unit (B777)
ATA Air Transport Association
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATF Advanced Tactical Fighter
ATM Air Transport Management
ATP Advanced Turbo-Prop
ATR Air Transport Radio
AUW All-Up Weight
AVM Airplane Vibration Monitoring


B Blue (as in blue hydraulic system)
Batt Battery
BC Bus Controller (MIL-STD-1553B)
BCF Bromo-Chloro-diFluoro-Methane
BCRU Battery Charger Regulator Units (regulated TRUs used on the A380)
BIT Built-In Test
BOV Blow Off Valve
BPCU Bus Power Control Unit
BSCU Brake System Control Unit
BTB Bus Tie Breaker
BTMU Brake Temperature Monitoring Unit


C Centigrade
C Centre
C Collective
CAA Civil Aviation Authority
CANbus Commercial-Off-The-Shelf data bus (originally designed by Bosch for automobile applications)
CASA Construcciones Aeronauticas Sociedad Anonima
CBLTM Control-By-LightTM (Raytheon proprietary fibre optic bus)
CCA Common Cause Analysis
CCB Converter Control Breaker (B777)
CCR Common Computing Resource (B787)
CDA Concept Demonstration Aircraft
CDR Critical Design Review
CDU Cockpit Display Units
CFRP Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic
CG Centre of Gravity
CHRG Charger
CMA Common Mode Analysis
CNS Communications, Navigation, Surveillance
COTS Commercial Off-The-Shelf
CPIOM Common Processor Input/Output Module (A380 avionics IMA)
CSAS Control Stability Augmentation System
CSD Constant Speed Drive
CT Current Transformer
CTC Cabin Temperature Control
CTOL Conventional Take-Off & Landing
CV Carrier Variant


DATAC Digital Autonomous Terminal Access Communication (forerunner to ARINC 629)
D/A Digital to Analogue
DC Direct Current
DECU Digital Engine Control Unit
Def Stan Defence Standard
Dem/Val Demonstration/Validation
DFCC Digital Flight Control Computer (AFTI F-16)
DTD Directorate of Technical Development
DTI Department of Trade & Industry
DVO Direct Vision Optics


E1 E1 Electrical Channel (A380)
E2 E2 Electrical Channel (A380)
E3 E3 Electrical Channel (A380)
EAI Engine Anti-Ice
EAP Experimental Aircraft Programme
EASA European Aviation Safety Authority
EBHA Electrical Backup Hydraulic Actuator (A380)
EC European Community
ECAM Electronic Crew Alerting & Monitoring
ECS Environmental Control System
EDP Engine Driven Pump
EE Electrical Equipment (as in EE Bay)
EEC Electronic Engine Controller
E2PROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EFA European Fighter Aircraft
EFAB Extended Forward Avionics Bay
EFIS Electronic Flight Instrument System
EFPMS Engine Fuel Pump and Metering System
EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature
EHA Electro-Hydrostatic Actuator
EICAS Engine Indication & Crew Alerting System
ELCU Electronic Load Control Unit
ELMS Electrical Load Management System (B777)
EMA Electro-Mechanical Actuator
EMP Electrical Motor Pump
EMI Electro-Magnetic Interference
EPC External Power Contactor
EPMS Electrical Power Management System (AH-64C/D Apache)
EPROM Electrically Programmable Read Only Memory
EPU Emergency Power Unit
ERA Electrical Research Agency
ESS Essential
ESS Environmental Stress Screening
ETOPS Extended Twin OperationS
EU Electronics Unit
EU European Union
EUROCAE European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment
EXT or Ext External


FAA Federal Aviation Authority
FAC Flight Augmentation Computer
FADEC Full Authority Digital Engine Control
FAR Federal Aviation Regulations
FBW Fly-By-Wire
FC Flight Control
FCC Flight Control Computer
FCDC Flight Control Data Concentrator
FCMC Fuel Control and Monitoring Computer (A340-500/600)
FCP Fuel Control Panel
FCPC Flight Control Primary Computer
FCS Flight Control System
FCSC Flight Control Secondary Computer
FDC Fuel Data Concentrator (A340-500/600)
FCU Fuel Control Unit
FHA Functional Hazard Analysis
FITEC Farnborough International Technology Exploitation Conference (1998)
FLIR Forward Looking Infra Red
FMC Flight Management Computer
FMEA Failure Modes & Effects Analysis
FMES Failure Modes & Effects Summary
FMGEC Flight Management Guidance & Envelope Computer (A330/A340)
FMQGS Fuel Management & Quantity Gauging System (Global Express)
FMS Flight Management System
FOB Fuel On Board
FQIS Fuel Quantity Indication System
FQPU Fuel Quantity Processor Unit (B777)
FSCC Flap/Slat Control Computers (A380)
FSD Full Scale Development
FSDG Fan Shaft Driven Generator
FSEU Flap Slats Electronics Unit (B777)
ft Feet
FTA Fault Tree Analysis


G Green (as in green hydraulic system)
G or Gen Generator
GA General Aviation
G&C Guidance & Control
GCB Generator Control Breaker
GCU Generator Control Unit
GE General Electric (US)
GEC General Electric Company
GFRP Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic
GLY Galley
GND Ground
gpm Gallons per minute
GPS Global Positioning System
GPU Ground Power Unit
GR Ground Reconnaissance


HISL High Intensity Strobe Lights
HP High Pressure
HPSG High Pressure Starter Generator
hp Horse Power
HUMS Health & Usage Management System
Hyd Hydraulic
Hz Hertz


IAP Integrated Actuator Package
IC Integrated Circuit
IDEA Integrated Digital Electric Airplane
IDG Integrated Drive Generator
IDS InterDictor Strike (Tornado)
IEE Institution of Electrical Engineers
IEEE Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers
IFE In-Flight Entertainment
IET Institute of Engineering & Technology (formerly IEE)
IFPC Integrated Flight & Propulsion Control
IFSD In-Flight ShutDown
IMA Integrated Modular Avionics
IMechE Institution of Mechanical Engineers
INS Inertial Navigation System
INV Inverter
I/O Input/Output
IPN Iso-Propyl Nitrate
IPT Integrated Product Team
IPU Integrated Power Unit
IR Infra Red
IRS Inertial Reference System
ISA International Standard Atmosphere
ISA Instruction Set Architecture


JAA Joint Airworthiness Authority
JAR Joint Aviation Regulation
JET A JET A Aviation Fuel (also known as JET A-1)
JET B JET B Aviation Fuel
J/IST Joint Strike Fighter/Integrated Subsystems Technology
JP-4 Aviation fuel used by the US Air Force
JP-5 Aviation fuel used by the US Navy
JSF Joint Strike Fighter (F-35 Lightning II)


K Kelvin
kg Kilogram
kN Kilo Newton
kPa Kilo Pascal
KT or kt Knot
kVA Kilo Volt-Ampere


L Lift
L Left
LAF Load Alleviation Function
LAN Local Area Network
LB or lb Pound
LH Left Hand
LHX or LH Light Helicopter
LOX Liquid Oxygen
LP Low Pressure
LRM Line Replaceable Module
LRU Line Replaceable Unit
LVDT Linear Variable Differential Transformer


M Mach Number
m Metre
mA Milli Ampere
MA Markov Analysis
MAC Mean Aerodynamic Chord
MAU Modular Avionics Unit (Honeywell EPIC system)
MBB Messerschmit Bolkow Blohm
MCDU Multipurpose Control & Display Unit
MDC Miniature Detonation Cord
MCU Modular Concept Unit
MDHC McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company (now Boeing)
MEA More-Electric Aircraft
MEE More-Electric Engine
MECU Main Engine Control Unit
MEL Minimum Equipment List
MFD Multi-Function Display
MFOP Maintenance Free Operating Period
MHz Mega Hertz
MIL-H Military Handbook
MLI Magnetic Level Indicator
MIL-STD Military Standard
ml Millilitre
MLC Main Line Contactor
MLI Magnetic Level Indicator
mm Millimetre
MR Maritime Reconnaissance
m/s Metres/second
MN Mega Newton
MSOC Molecular Sieve Oxygen Concentrator
MSOV Modulating Shut-Off Valve


N North Pole
NADC Naval Air Development Center
NASA National Space & Aerospace Agency
Nav Navigation
NH or N2 Speed of rotation of engine HP shaft
Ni-Cd Nickel-Cadmium
NGS Nitrogen Generation System
HL or N1 Speed of rotation of engine LP shaft
NRV Non-Return Valve
Nx Lateral Acceleration
Ny Longitudinal Acceleration
Nx Normal Acceleration


OBOGS On-Board Oxygen Generating System
OBIGGS On-Board Inert Gas Generating System
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
Ox Pitch Axis
Oy Roll Axis
Oz Yaw Axis


P Pressure
P Pitch
POA Power Optimised Aircraft (EC More-Electric Technology Programme)
Ps or Po Ambient Static Pressure
Pc Pressure Capsule
PCU Power Control Unit
PDE Power Drive Electronics (AFTI F-16)
PDU Power Drive Unit
PDC Power Distribution Center
PDR Preliminary Design Review
PEM Power Electronics Module
PEPDC Primary Electrical Power Distribution Centre (A380)
PFC Primary Flight Computer (B777)
PFCS Primary Flight Control System (B777)
PMA Permanent Magnet Alternator
PMG Permanent Magnet Generator
PNVS Pilot Night Vision System (Apache)
PRV Pressure Reducing Valve
PRSOV Pressure Reducing Shut-Off Valve
PSEU Proximity Switch Electronics Unit (B777)
PSSA Preliminary System Safety Analysis
psi Pounds/Square Inch
Pt Dynamic Pressure
PTFE Poly-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene
PTU Power Transfer Unit
PSU Power Supply Unit
PWR Power


‘Q’ feel A pitch feel schedule used in aircraft flight control systems based upon ½ρV2


R Right
R Roll
R & D Research & Development
RAeS Royal Aeronautical Society
RAF Royal Air Force
RAT Ram Air Turbine
RDCP Refuel/Defuel Control Panel (Global Express)
RFI Request For Information
RFP Request For Proposal
RIU Remote Interface Unit
RJ Regional Jet
ROM Read Only Memory
RPDU Remote Power Distribution Units
RT Remote Terminal (MIL-STD-1553B)
RTCA Radio Technical Committee Association
RTZ Return-To-Zero
RVDT Rotary Variable Differential Transformer


S South Pole
SAARU Secondary Attitude Air data Reference Unit
SAE Society of Automobile Engineers
SCR Silicon Controlled Rectifier (Thyristor)
SDR System Design Review
SEC Spoiler Elevator Computer (A320)
SEPDB Secondary Electrical Power Distribution Box (A380)
SEPDC Secondary Electrical Power Distribution Centre (A380)
SFENA Société Française d’Equipments pour la Navigation Aerienne
SFCC Slat/Flap Control Computers (A330/A340)
SG Specific Gravity (Density of water=1)
shp Shaft horse Power
SIM Serial Interface Module (A629)
SMP Systems Management Processor (EAP)
SMTD STOL Manoeuvre Technology Demonstrator (F-15)
SOL Solenoid
SOV Shut-Off Valve
sq m Square Metre
SSA System Safety Analysis
SSPC Solid State Power Controller
SRR System Requirements Review
SSR Software Specification Review
STBY Standby
STC Supplementary Type Certificate
STOL Short Take-Off and Landing
STOVL Short Take-Off Vertical Landing
SV Servo-Valve
SVCE Service


T Temperature
Tamb Ambient Air Temperature (K)
Tram Ram Air Temperature
Trec Recovery Air Temperature
TADS Target Acquisition & Designator System (Apache)
TBT Turbine Blade Temperature
TCD Total Contents Display
TCL Thrust Control Lever
TEOS Technologies for Energy Optimised Aircraft Equipment Systems
T/EMM Thermal/Energy Management Module
T/F Transformer
TGT Turbine Gas Temperature
THS Tailplane Horizontal Stabiliser
TPMU Tyre Pressure Monitoring Unit
TRU or TR Transformer Rectifier Unit


UAV Unmanned Air Vehicle
UCS Utilities Control System
UK United Kingdom
UMS Utilities Management System
US United States
USG US Gallon (1 USG=0.8 Imperial Gallon)
UTIL Utility
UV Ultra-Violet
U/V Under Voltage


V Velocity
V Volts
VAC Volts Alternating Current
VDC Volts Direct Current
VDU Visual Display Unit
VIB Vibration
VIGV Variable Inlet Guide Vane
VF Variable Frequency
VOR VHF Omni-Range
VLSI Very Large Scale Integrated-Circuit
VMS Vehicle Management System
VSCF Variable Speed Constant Frequency
V/STOL Vertical/Short Take-Off & Landing
VSV Variable Stator Vane
VTOL Vertical Take-Off & Landing


W Weight
W Watts
WWII World War II


Y Yaw
Y Yellow (as in yellow hydraulic system)


ZFW Zero Fuel Weight
ZSA Zonal Safety Analysis

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